Friday, April 16, 2010

Week of April 12, 2010

Richelle continues to amaze everyone, including her Occupational Therapist! On Wednesday afternoon her OT asked her to "try" and do a sit up as he placed his hands on her stomach, although she wasn't able to complete her sit up, every single one of her stomach muscles fired and moved!!! He got a big smile on his face and said, "Richelle, those are all linked to C11 and C12!!" This is BIG progress, and we are so thrilled about every little movement that she didn't have the day before. She is also learning to grab things when you set them on a counter and she is getting really good at feeding herself with chips and other "finger foods". Even though at times she gets frustrated, her attitude still blows all of us away. She has a smile on her face from morning to night and is constantly cracking jokes to make others laugh.

This week Richelle has gotten out; to go get her hair done, take her sister back to the airport and go to church, and tonight she will be going out to dinner with about 24 people. Richelle really enjoys her visitors that come to see her, and she would like to say thank you to everyone for all of the sacrafices that they have made to help her out. We are so fotunate to have each and every one of you. Thank you so much!


  1. Richelle, I am so proud of you! I have been watching from a distance from the beginning.

    The gentleman whom helped with your wheelchair is a colleague that has worked with my clients.

    I have worked with so many stoke victims, neurological patients, developmentally disabled clients, that have not had your courage, enthusiasm or faith.

    I currently have a client who has had his second stroke, and is having quite a difficult time mentally, emotionally and physically.

    I use you as a source of strength to help him get through our Therapy, find inner strength, and to fight for one more day.

    You truly have been an inspiration to many.

    Thank you!!

    Keep up the faith and the hard work.


  2. richelle continuing to amaze us young lady. that is soo awesome about the sit up you GO girl keeping you in my prayers hugs and love vicki

  3. richelle have not forgotten you sweetie your in my prayers daily i KNOW as well as you do you WILL walk again. hang in there sweetie god has big plans for you i know it in my heart. take care i hope you are enjoying the blanket i made you gentle hugs little one god bless you